Senate Democrats

Reid And Pelosi: President Again Demonstrates Commitment To Failed Policies, Status Quo

Washington, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following joint statement today after the Bush Administration vowed to veto a spending bill that funds critical needs, before it has even seen it:

“Although he admits he has not even seen the bipartisan legislation that would fund critical priorities such as border security, homeland security, and putting more police officers on the street, the President has recklessly threatened to veto it.  For a President already lacking in credibility, it is dangerous to issue veto threats based on press reports alone.

“Unlike the President, Congressional Democrats understand the need to fund critical priorities at home while we also correct the disastrous course the White House has set at home and abroad.  This war already costs taxpayers $12 billion a month, and we learned this week that yet another billion dollars of military equipment has gone missing in Iraq.  The last thing this Administration should do is preach about responsible management.

“Meanwhile, America expects this President to lead – that means working in a bipartisan way with Congress to responsibly address our country’s priorities rather than issuing veto threats without even knowing what he is threatening to veto.”