Senate Democrats

Reid: Democrats Offer Compromise On Energy Bill To Strengthen National Security, Economy, Environment

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today regarding the revised energy bill on which the Senate will vote tomorrow.  The substitute bill addresses Republicans’ concerns by reluctantly eliminating the Renewable Electricity Standard and modifying the energy tax provisions:

“Democrats remain committed to passing a bill that lowers gas prices, helps break our addiction to oil, begins to reverse global warming and creates jobs by investing in renewable energy.  We are ready to take a first step toward a clean energy revolution in America that ripples throughout the world, and I hope Senators will find the common ground to take that step.

“Republicans oppose a national standard for utilities to supply clean, renewable electricity that would reduce the cost of our natural gas and electricity bills by as much as $18 billion and create many new jobs.  We are reluctantly removing that provision, as well as making several changes to the energy tax provisions, in the genuine pursuit of progress.

“This is an opportunity for Republicans to stand with Americans who are paying more than ever at the pump, instead of with the big oil companies who are raking in record profits.  I hope that Republicans will recognize the importance of this legislation to their states and the country, and I am hopeful that we will reach the 60 votes necessary to send this bill to the House and the President before the end of the year.”