Senate Democrats

Senate Democrats Discuss Republicans’ Refusal To Bring About Real Change

Washington, DC—Senators Charles Schumer, Patty Murray and Debbie Stabenow held a press conference today to discuss Republicans’ refusal to legislate, instead continuing to stand in the way of Democrats’ efforts to address America’s priorities.  Democrats believe the stakes are too high to play games with funding for these critical needs.  

“Americans are tired of the status quo and they are tired of people who are impeding change,” Schumer said.  “Republicans might think that by blocking our efforts at making real progress they are only hurting Democrats, but the real victims of their obstruction are all Americans.”

Said Murray: “Unfortunately, the sad legacy for Republicans this year will be record-setting obstruction.  On issue and after issue, they’ve chosen politics over progress.”

“The President continues to threaten to veto legislation that benefits middle-class Americans,” Stabenow said.  “From blocking funding for our nation’s veterans to cutting funds that would put police on our streets, this President and those Republicans that stand with him would rather spend billions of dollars in Iraq than invest in the priorities of the American people.”