Senate Democrats

Reid: Energy Bill The First Step Toward A Global Energy Revolution

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada made the following statement today as Congress sent President Bush an energy bill that raises fuel-efficiency standards for the first time in more than 30 years and strengthens our national security, economy and environment:

“Democrats are committed to creating a long-term energy strategy, and this bill is an essential step in that direction.  Every time we fill up our cars or pay our heating bills, we are reminded just how drastically our energy policy needs reform.  Since President Bush took office, the costs of both gas at the pump and crude oil have more than doubled.

“We are committed to an energy policy that invests in renewable energy, lowers gas prices, makes America more energy independent, reverses global warming and strengthens our national security.  While we are proud that this bill raises fuel-efficiency standards for the first time in a generation, we will not be satisfied until Republicans fully join us to put consumers’ interests ahead of Big Oil’s greed.  By blocking tax incentives in renewable energy and standards to supply clean, renewable electricity, Republicans missed a chance to grow our new clean energy industries and build new-century jobs.

“But we will keep fighting for these and other forward-looking reforms.  This bill is just the first step toward an energy revolution that starts in America and ripples throughout the world.

“I want to thank Chairmen Bingaman, Inouye and Boxer for their hard work in guiding this important bill to completion.  Senator Bingaman deserves special recognition for being the Senate’s principal lead in our negotiations.  His leadership and dedication to the ambitious Renewable Fuels Standard moves us in the right direction towards increasing our use of biofuels in this nation.”