Senate Democrats

Democratic Senators Call On President To Provide A Budget That Strengthens Economy, Addresses America’s Priorities

Washington, DC—Previewing the release of President Bush’s Fiscal Year 2009 Budget next week,DemocraticSenators Patty Murray, Sherrod Brown and Bob Casey today discussed the need to provide a fiscally responsible budget that will help Americans struggling in this uncertain economy and address America’s needs. 

“As we have all come to understand over the past seven years – there is a big difference between what the President says and what the President does,” Murray said.  “Talk is cheap.  The President needs to put real dollars behind his words in the budget he is sending us on Monday.  As our economy lags and families are looking to our government for help, I hope the President has seen the error of his ways and sends us a budget that invests in America.”

Said Brown: “The president has consistently tried to cut nutrition programs that target populations in desperate need.  We are the wealthiest nation in the world, yet American children go to bed hungry, American seniors choose between food and heat, American families stand in lines at food banks stretched too thin to serve them.  It is time for a budget that does not turn its back on Americans.” 

“After seven years of budgets that put the special interests and the very wealthy ahead of the majority of Americans, President Bush has an opportunity to propose a fiscally-responsible budget that invests in the future,” Casey said.  “Rather than only passing on more debt to our children, we should pass on hope, health and opportunity.”