Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Refuse To Take Yes For An Answer On Taking Up Critical Legislation

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after Senate Republicans stalled Democrats’ efforts to begin debate on both the nation’s foreign surveillance program and a plan to make our economy stronger: 

“After insisting that we urgently bring both the FISA and economic stimulus legislation to the floor, Senate Republicans today blocked our efforts to do just that.  Their tactics are cynical and counterproductive, and not in the interest of Americans who want us to work to make our nation safer and our economy stronger.

“Democrats remain committed to giving our intelligence professionals the tools they need to make America more secure, and to giving Americans the money they need to reinvigorate our economy.  But while we are focused on solutions, Republicans are playing politics, refusing to allow us to debate and legislate these important bills.  And in doing so, Bush Republicans have once again shown they are more committed to obstruction than to making America stronger.”