Senate Democrats

Reid: President Holds Up FISA Process, Then Complains It’s Not Moving Fast Enough

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today ahead of the President’s news conference this morning:

“If the President had not rejected an extension of current law and refused to negotiate with Congress, it is very likely that the new FISA bill could already be law today.  It is disingenuous for the President to claim the country is less safe when he is the one responsible for holding up the legislative process.

“The Administration has repeatedly said the central issue here is immunity for the telecommunication companies.  We disagree; the central issue is keeping Americans safe while protecting their civil liberties.  It is becoming increasingly clear that the President would put Americans’ lives on the line in order to let his allies run attack ads and fear-monger on terrorism.

“Instead of standing before a podium, the President should sit down with Congress to get this done promptly and properly.”