Senate Democrats

Senate Democrats Discuss Republicans’ Refusal To Help Americans At Risk Of Losing Their Homes

Washington, DC—Democratic Senators Byron Dorgan, Debbie Stabenow and Sherrod Brown held a press conference today to highlight Republicans’ blockage of a plan to help keep thousands of homeowners in their homes and aid struggling communities across the country.

“At a time when we’re trying to turn our economy around, it makes no sense to turn our backs on those who could lose their homes,” Dorgan said. “It is time for this legislation that will keep people in their homes, stabilize our communities, and strengthen our nation’s economy.”

Said Stabenow: “Too many middle-class families across our country are faced with the prospect of losing their home – their piece of the American dream.  That’s why Democrats put forward a plan that offers real solutions to the crisis facing our nation.  While Republicans continue to block this critical legislation, the housing crisis continues to devastate families, communities and our entire economy.”

“This is a much needed response to the foreclosure crisis that grips our country,” Brown said.  “In Ohio, 200 families every day lose their homes to foreclosure.  This bill would provide funds for counseling services, rebuild hard hit communities, and allow bankruptcy judges to modify loan terms for borrowers.  It is an extraordinary proposal, but it is a responsible one given the incredibly irresponsible lending that has taken place.”