Senate Democrats

Democrats Discuss Job Creation, Other Economic Benefits of Democratic Budget

Washington D.C.—Senators Dick Durbin, Edward Kennedy and Debbie Stabenow and Representative Xavier Becerra (CA-31) held a press conference today with an ironworker and a leader in the green-energy industry to discuss the Democratic budget that will create jobs and revive the slowing U.S. economy.  The Democrats have restored fiscal responsibility to the budget process by crafting a bill that will lower taxes for the middle class and create almost half a million good-paying jobs here at home.

“This is a fight for the economic future of America,” Durbin said.  “The Republican budget is Bush economics all over again—tax breaks for Exxon/Mobil, Bill Gates and Paris Hilton. Our budget is simple and straightforward—it lowers taxes and creates nearly half-a-million good paying jobs here in America.”

Said Kennedy: “By putting workers first, we can pump real dollars into the economy now and make sure that American businesses have access to a workforce unmatched anywhere in the world.  A recession may be upon us, but we know that bold investments in our workers today will mean a brighter future for our families tomorrow and in the years to come.” 

“Any budget is about values and priorities and the nation’s budget is no exception,” Stabenow said.  “This budget focuses on what is most important for families across our country – creating good paying jobs here at home.  My Green Collar Jobs Initiative does just that by investing in the newest alternative energy technologies to create a greener future and ensure the next generation of energy technologies is created and produced in America.”

Said Becerra, assistant to the Speaker of the House and a member of the Budget Committee: “Democratic budget priorities seek to help all Americans, particularly those hit by these trying economic times, by returning to fiscal responsibility, putting away the government credit card and finding further ways to help stimulate the economy.”

“With tens of thousands of skilled craftsmen across the country ready, willing and able to rebuild the country’s infrastructure, all we need is the work,” said Mark Coles, an ironworker from Maryland.

Said Mark Wagner, Vice President of Federal Government Relations for Johnson Controls Inc., an innovator in energy efficiency for cars and buildings: “We are excited and supportive of the ‘green collar jobs’ initiative in this budget. It has great potential to develop good jobs in building efficiency and advanced technologies like lithium batteries for hybrids and plug in vehicles.”