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Senator McConnell Is Not Even Sure What He’s Obstructing Anymore

Senator McConnell has led his Conference in record-setting obstructionist fashion. But today, while discussing the Highway Technical Corrections, he claimed that the Senate was on the bill. Unfortunately, due to Republican obstruction, the Senate is still considering the motion to proceed to the bill, wasting valuable time in post-cloture debate of a bill that yesterday got support from 93 Senators, with only one objecting. Either Senator McConnell has been obstructing so much he’s lost track of Senate procedure, or he was trying to gloss over the fact that Senate Republicans are doing all they can to obstruct and delay.

Senator McConnell mistakenly said Senate was on the highway technical corrections bill …

Senator McConnell Said We Are on the Highway Technical Corrections Bill. “Well, we’re on the highway technical corrections bill.  It’s open for amendments.  We were discussing various amendments in our lunch earlier and I assume amendments are going to be offered and dealt with.” [Republican Leadership Press Conference, 4/15/08]

… But it is being held up by Republican obstruction:

Because of Republican Obstruction, The Senate Is Still Considering the Motion to Proceed to the Bill. After forcing a vote on the motion to proceed to the bill yesterday, the Senate has spent today in post-cloture debate on the motion to proceed, but is not yet on the bill. [Senate Vote #103, HR 1195, 4/14/08; Senate Floor Proceedings]