Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On One-Year Anniversary Of Tragedy At Virgina Tech

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement on the Senate floor today to acknowledge the one-year anniversary of the tragedy at Virginia Tech:   

“One year ago today, on a campus less than 300 miles Southwest of where we stand, the Virginia Tech community suffered a tragedy that continues to defy our comprehension.  Thirty-two lives were taken by the hand of a young man with a deeply disturbed mind and a gun.  One year from that day, we pause to honor the memory of those thirty-two – and to grieve for their friends, family and loved ones.

“We grieve for our country, also:  For the bright young men and women, taken from all of us before their limitless potential could be fulfilled.  As we mark this sad anniversary, the terrible images of chaos, panic and heartbreak remain woven in the fabric of our common memory.  But we remember, also, the amazing strength of the Virginia Tech community in the days and weeks that followed—How they lifted themselves up from the deepest depths of despair to find a brotherhood and sisterhood of solace, peace, and even hope.

“Governor Kaine, President Steger, and the entire Virginia Tech family inspired our nation with their grace and steely resolve.  Now, as then, there is little we can offer but the broad shoulders of our nation to lean upon and to help carry the heavy burden of their pain.”