Senate Democrats

Reid: Bush’s Oil-Friendly Policies Push Gas Prices To 27-Year High

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to news that gas prices continue to break records, today hitting $3.51 to break a record set in 1981:

“The Bush Administration is running out of energy price records to break, but there isn’t one they can be proud of.  On top of oil prices, which have nearly quadrupled since President Bush took office and continue to set a new record high nearly every day, gas prices today broke a 27-year-old record.  In a weakening economy with stagnant wages, continued job loss and a recession on the horizon, Americans can no longer afford this Administration’s hands-off, oil-friendly policies.

“Democrats are committed to reversing the disastrous trend of skyrocketing gas prices in a sinking economy.  That is why we are fighting to reduce our dependence on oil, and why we want to make smart investments in clean, renewable energy and energy-efficiency technology that could create hundreds of thousands of green jobs here in America.   The President and Bush Republicans should join with us in investigating and limiting market speculation that unfairly drives up prices and in convincing the oil companies to switch to clean, alternative fuels.”