Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Republican Blocking Of Breast Cancer Research

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after Republicans blocked efforts to debate, amend or pass the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act:

“It is nothing short of unconscionable that Republicans are refusing to even debate legislation that would allow us to better understand the connection between the development of breast cancer and the environment.  But for one Senator, we could pass legislation that would allow us to invest in research that might help us understand why a new case of breast cancer is diagnosed every two minutes. But for one Senator, we could invest in research that could lead to better prevention, treatment and perhaps one day a cure for breast cancer.   

“Republicans have not only blocked our efforts to unanimously pass this bipartisan bill, but they have rejected our offer to have a debate on this legislation with amendments.  I respect minority rights, but for one Senator to singlehandedly block our ability to have a reasonable debate on a bill cosponsored by more than two-thirds of the Senate is a blatant abuse of those rights.  I call on the Republican leadership to reconsider our offer to debate this bill.  Too many women and their families have waited long enough.”