Senate Democrats

Citizens Across the Country Support the Democrats’ Consumer-First Energy Act

A broad coalition of citizens from the labor, environmental, business and rural communities strongly supports the Senate Democrats’ Consumer-First Energy Act. Below are highlights from their letters and statements of support:

Teamsters Said Consumer-First Energy Act Is a Common-Sense Approach to Protecting American Workers. In a statement, Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said, “More than 600,000 Teamsters earn their living driving vehicles that run on petroleum-based fuel. These exorbitant prices are hurting our employers, whether they are freight or parcel delivery companies, airlines, police departments, grocery chains or school bus companies. High gas prices are eating into paychecks and destroying family budgets. Families have to pay more for essentials because they cost more to deliver. This bill is a common-sense approach to protecting American workers from greedy corporations and speculators.” [Teamsters Press Release, 5/8/08]

Sierra Club Executive Director Said Consumer-First Energy Act Will Help Us Break Our Addiction to Fossil Fuels. “The Sierra Club is thrilled with this bill… The bill will actually protect consumers, put America on the path toward a clean energy future, and finally put the brakes on the taxpayer-funded giveaways that have been helping fuel Big Oil’s record profits. It’s time for wind farms, not windfalls.  Right now, Big Oil has consumers over a barrel but isn’t even paying its fair share.  This bill will take back the giveaways to polluters and instead put that money where it will do some good by investing it in clean, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and the other smart energy solutions that will help us break our addiction to fossil fuels, bring energy costs back under control, and put our economy back on the path to prosperity. This bill offers Senators the chance to stop writing a blank check to Big Oil and begin to help their constituents who are clamoring for real relief from pain at the pump.” [Statement from Carl Pope, Sierra Club Executive Director, 5/7/08]

Small Business Majority Said Consumer-First Energy Act Will Help Protect Small Businesses. “Leaders in Congress have introduced the Consumer-First Energy Act of 2008 that will help protect American small businesses against price gouging and price manipulation. It’s a good first step towards stabilizing energy prices. By punishing price gouging, and giving the President authority to declare an energy emergency if there is a shortage, disruption, or significant pricing anomalies, small businesses will be protected against unfair and unlawful increases in gas prices that cut into their bottom line. Stabilizing the price of gas by suspending increases to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve through December 2008, limiting the price impacts of excessive speculation, and giving the Attorney General the power to bring action against any country or company that is colluding in setting the price of energy products will also help protect small businesses from being forced to shut their doors if gas prices climb too high.” [Small Business Majority, Statement of Support for Consumer-First Energy Act, 5/7/08]

My Rural America Called for Passage of Consumer-First Energy Act. “On behalf of rural Americans, we urge immediate passage of the Consumer-First Energy Act of 2008… As the Consumer Federation of America confirms, rural households consistently have been hit hardest by rising fuel prices because first, rural households are more likely to have a vehicle and to be required to drive at least 15% more miles than do those who drive in metropolitan areas.  This rising cost of fuel means less money for essentials – food, rent, house payments, and more.  In addition, farmers’ cost of doing business has dramatically increased, resulting in more stress on food prices.” [Letter from My Rural America, 5/1/08]

Member of Alliance for Retired Americans Praised Consumer-First Energy Act for Cracking Down on Price Gouging and Helping Seniors on Fixed Income Save Money on Gas Prices “And a special thank you to Senate Democratic leaders for introducing legislation that address the high energy prices that we are all experiencing… An extra dollar or two per gallon may not seem like a lot of money to a big oil executive, but to a senior on a fixed income – it is everything. When our costs go up and our income does not, that dollar means you don’t know if you’re going to have enough money to buy food after you fill up the tank… Finally, our government is addressing these problems that affect so many of us with legislation that will crack down on price gouging and force big oil to pay their fair share.” [Statement by Josephine Rowe, Member of Alliance for Retired Americans, 5/8/08]