Senate Democrats

Reid: Republican Gimmickry A Slap In The Face Of America’s Bravest

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to Republican gamesmanship on the bipartisan collective bargaining bill, attaching Senator McCain’s alternative G.I. bill and delaying help for first responders:

“Bush/McCain Republicans have done it again.  They have resorted to petty, partisan gimmickry to block Democrats’ efforts to make Americans safer and to reward our first responders and our veterans.  Rather than give the firefighters, police officers and emergency medical technicians the rights they deserve for their service and their sacrifice, Republicans have tried to change the subject at the expense of our nation’s first responders.  And in bringing up Senator McCain’s flawed alternative to Senator Webb’s bipartisan G.I. Bill that the majority of the Senate supports, Republicans are dramatically shortchanging our veterans.

“Today’s troops deserve a G.I. Bill as strong as the one enjoyed by veterans of wars past and as strong as the military itself.  This gamesmanship does not help the American people, nor the first responders and veterans who protect us, and I am surprised Senator McCain would support a move that is meant as a direct slap in the face of our nation’s finest and bravest.”