Senate Democrats

Reid: President Again Fails To Alleviate Americans’ Pain At The Pump

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to reports that Saudi officials rejected President Bush’s pleas to increase their oil supply and cool U.S. markets:

“The President has failed once again to deliver relief for Americans paying more and more every day at the gas pump.  Before he left for the Middle East this week, the Senate Democratic Leadership wrote the President and urged him to capitalize on what may have been one of his last, best opportunities to persuade the Saudi government to begin bringing down rapidly climbing oil prices.  But his efforts failed.

“The Democratic Congress is doing our part to address the root causes of high gas prices – instead of stockpiling barrels of oil in the nearly full Strategic Petroleum Reserve, they will soon go on the market to increase supply and lower prices.  But as oil and gas prices continue to break records every week and oil companies’ profits climb, the President’s lack of leadership will leave hard-working Americans with the bill.”