Senate Democrats

Senate Democrats Are Addressing the Most Urgent Priorities of the American People, Foreign and Domestic

This past March marked the start of the sixth year of the Iraq War, and this month marks the fifth anniversary of President George W. Bush’s now ill-fated declaration, “Mission Accomplished.” More than 4,000 American soldiers have died, 30,000 have been wounded, and $526 billion has been spent, and America is entrenched in a war that at least one Republican Senator thinks is “fine” to go on for “maybe a hundred” more years, even as our nation fights another war in Afghanistan and faces the threat of severe economic recession at home. Congressional Democrats and the American people, however, could not disagree more.

Instead of continuing the failed policies of the Bush Administration, we are committed to responsibly ending the war in Iraq, so that we may transition our mission, redirect our focus and resources on critical national security priorities, and alleviate the strain on our nation’s military. We are committed to finishing the job in Afghanistan, finally bringing al Qaeda – the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks – to justice, and fully securing our homeland against terrorist threats. We are also committed to meeting our obligations at home by reinvesting in American families and communities, rebuilding the American economy, and revitalizing the American dream. The only question that remains is whether Congressional Republicans join Democrats in our effort to provide meaningful change or will they continue to obstruct the path toward progress?

As the Senate considers the Fiscal Year 2008 Supplemental Appropriations bill, the American people can rest assured that Democrats will address the nation’s most urgent needs, foreign and domestic. We will work to restore the readiness of our over-stretched military, honor our troops and veterans with the services and benefits they have earned, respond to the economic squeeze on American workers and their families, and address other critical America needs. 

The Appropriations Committee-passed 2008 Emergency Supplemental includes investments to: