Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman: Tax Breaks For Multimillionaires Is Nothing New

Washington, DC—Rodell Mollineau, Spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, made the following statement today in response to White House Counselor Ed Gillespie’s comments on the Bush Administration’s willingness to look at new economic ideas and President Bush’s calls to extend tax cuts for millionaires and drill in ANWR:

“With the national average for gas hovering at $4, foreclosures topping one million and five straight months of job losses, Bush-McCain Republicans just don’t seem to get it.

“While we appreciate Mr. Gillespie’s willingness to discuss new economic ideas, tax breaks for the super-wealthy and giveaways to oil companies are not new.  They have been tried and failed miserably.

“If President Bush wants a new way forward to strengthen our economy, he will work with us to pass Senate legislation that addresses the high cost of energy, helps families keep their homes and home values, and extends unemployment insurance – all of which he and most Senate Republican have opposed.”