Senate Democrats

Reid Statement In Response To Hoyer Letter On Tax-Extenders Bill

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to a letter from House Democrats on tax extenders.  Reid filed cloture this afternoon on a motion to proceed to the bill:

“Once again, House Democratic Leaders have made it quite clear that the House will not consider an extenders bill that adds to our nation’s already enormous debt.  The offsets that were included in the bill sent to the Senate by the House are noncontroversial; even those who will be affected by the changes are not opposing their inclusion in this bill.

“I hope that my Senate Republican colleagues will find a way to get beyond the ideological straightjackets that have led them to oppose this important legislation and join us to give so we can enact, in a timely manner, both tax relief for millions of families and businesses and tax incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency.”