Senate Democrats

Reid: Confirmation Of FEC Commissioners Will Restore Transparency In Campaign Finance, Ensure Watchdog Can Fully Function During Election

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after the U.S. Senate confirmed five pending nominees to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  Since shortly before the agency lost its quorum, Senator Reid has repeatedly offered to vote on pending FEC nominees so the Commission could function, but was blocked by Republican objections every time.

The FEC is a six-member body evenly divided between Republicans and Democratic Commissioners.  In January, recess appointments for three sitting Commissioners expired, leaving the Commission with only two members.  Four members are required for the FEC to conduct business, including implementing the campaign contribution bundling rules enacted as part of the Democrats’ Honest Leadership and Open Government Act.

With the Senate’s action today, new Democratic Commissioners Steve Walther and Cynthia Bauerly will join sitting Democratic Commissioner Ellen Weintraub.  The new Republican Commissioners are Matt Peterson, Don McGahn and Caroline Hunter.

“Confirming these nominations tonight will help restore the American people’s faith that campaign finance laws will be enforced during this presidential election.  We are also bringing greater transparency to our system of financing elections by ensuring new bundling rules will finally move forward.  I am proud to have advanced Steven Walther and Cynthia Bauerly, two exceptional Democratic nominees, and am extremely pleased they have finally been confirmed.”