Senate Democrats

Reid: CBO Letter Confirms Absurdity Of Republicans’ Obstruction Of Noncontroversial Bills

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after the Congressional Budget Office confirmed that bills that merely authorize future appropriations have no impact on the federal budget, spending or revenues.  The CBO’s letter to Senator Kent Conrad, Chairman of the Budget Committee, is attached (PDF):

“The Congressional Budget Office has confirmed what we’ve known all along: simply authorizing a future appropriation does not trigger any new spending and does not increase the deficit by a penny.  Now that CBO has spoken definitively, Republicans’ baseless accusations can be seen for what they are.  If some Republican Senators want to argue against cracking down on child pornographers, or keeping kids away from drugs, they can do so.  But no longer can they credibly claim that such legislation would increase the deficit.”