Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On White House’s Increased Projection Of Next Year’s Deficit

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to the White House’s increase of its prediction for next year’s deficit from $407 billion to $490 billion:

“The large budget deficit is a symptom of the many serious problems that Bush-McCain Republicans refuse to address.  Rather than continuing the flawed policies that produced this result, Democrats believe we must change course.  We need to strengthen our economy and make America energy independent, partly through investments in renewable energy that create jobs.  We need health reform to lower costs and improve care.  And we must shift military resources from Iraq to Afghanistan – the real central front in the war on terror – while also focusing more on needs here at home.  The truth is, until we deal with these underlying problems, our budget deficits and the squeeze on America’s families will only get worse.”