Senate Democrats

Democratic Accomplishments in the 110th Congress: A New Direction for America (Highlights)

In the Face of Relentless Republican Obstructionism, Senate Democrats Remain Committed to Working for Change

In 2006, Democrats were elected to take the country in a new direction by advancing the priorities of the American people. Under Democratic leadership, the 110th Congress has made significant down-payments on those expectations. After nearly a decade of Republican control, Democrats have worked to stimulate the slowing economy, restore fiscal responsibility in Washington, fund the government, and pass key legislation on housing, consumer product safety, economic security, countering terrorism, homeland security, troop readiness, veterans’ care, crime, energy independence, competitiveness, ethics reform, labor and wages, small businesses, health care, nutrition, education, stem cell research, water infrastructure, government accountability, and Gulf Coast revitalization.

Though proud of these accomplishments for the country, Senate Democrats are far from satisfied. President Bush and Bush Republicans have stood in the way of progress time and time again and have often refused to work with Democrats in good faith to address the needs of the nation. The American people are fed-up; they are tired of partisan politics, and Democrats share their frustration.

In 2008, Senate Democrats will not rest until we have addressed the key domestic and international priorities of our nation. We invite Republicans to join us. Together, with the American people at our side, Congress can and will take the country in a new direction.

 Under Democratic leadership, the Senate has passed the following measures: