Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Sen. Obama’s Selection Of Sen. Biden As His Vice Presidential Nominee

Las Vegas, NVSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today in response to Senator Obama’s naming of Senator Joe Biden as his running mate on the 2008 Democratic Presidential ticket:

“Joe Biden has been fighting his entire career for the change that Senator Obama champions.  He is a dedicated family man who has been an effective Chairman of both the Foreign Affairs and Judiciary Committees, has been a sage voice on many of the toughest foreign policy issues of our time, and has long been a strong advocate for protecting American families and making our communities safer.

“Senator Obama has once again demonstrated sound judgment in selecting Senator Biden as his running mate.  After eight years of an administration that refuses to level with the American people, President Obama and Vice President Biden will finally give America the real straight talk we need and needed change that we can believe in.”