Senate Democrats

Democratic Senators And Governors Discuss Economic Recovery Package

Washington, DC—Democratic Senators Carl Levin and Sherrod Brown held a press conference call today with Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, to discuss an economic recovery package that will invest in infrastructure and create hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs.  

“It is critical that Congress act quickly to alleviate the hardships we’re facing in Michigan and across the country,” Levin said. “With middle-class families facing higher unemployment, a volatile housing market that continues to push mortgage payments higher, and gas prices that push family budgets to the breaking point, a second economic stimulus package will provide exactly what many struggling Americans need.”

Said Brown: “Ohio middle class families are facing higher costs and stagnant wages. These families can’t afford excuses or indifference.  We need to respond to economic hardship and reform federal policies that are running our economy into the ground.”

“Governors are working hard every day to create jobs and help working families weather the economic storm of mortgage foreclosures, rising health care costs, and the high price of gasoline,” Granholm said. “We need a second economic stimulus package that will help Michigan families, and I am hopeful President Bush and his Republican allies will not sit by and let working families shoulder this economic burden alone.”