Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Inspector General’s Report Regarding The Mass Firings Of United States Attorneys

Washington, D.C. –Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today made the following statement following the release of the Inspector General’s report on former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the Department of Justice’s firing of several United States Attorneys. 

“This report confirms what we suspected from the beginning: that the Bush Administration’s mass firing of United States Attorneys was driven by politics and partisanship.  The U.S. Attorney in my state of Nevada, Dan Bogden, was one victim of this abuse of power.  Dan served our state with great distinction and deserves an apology from those who wronged him.
“While this report sheds light on what occurred at the Justice Department, we do not yet have the full story.  As a result of White House stonewalling, we don’t fully understand what role Karl Rove and other officials played in this scandal.  I agree with the Senate Judiciary Committee that a special counsel must be appointed.  A truly independent investigation will force the White House to cooperate and send an important signal to future presidents that the Department of Justice must be above politics.”  

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