Senate Democrats

H.R. 7081, the United States-India Nuclear Cooperation Approval and Nonproliferation Enhancement Act

The following highlights are drawn directly from the summary prepared by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Background and Summary

The legislation gives final approval to the U.S. agreement with India on peaceful nuclear cooperation. In the Henry J. Hyde United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act of 2006, (hereafter referred to as the "Hyde Act") (P.L. 109-401), Congress set certain terms and conditions for the agreement, in order to permit the President to submit the agreement under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954. The Senate approved the Hyde Act by a vote of 85-12 on November 16, 2006 (the conference report was approved by voice vote on December 9, 2006). Under the Hyde Act and the Atomic Energy Act, the agreement cannot enter into force unless Congress approves the agreement.

The Hyde Act required the President to make several determinations to Congress in submitting the agreement. These included the following determinations: