Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Passage Of Bill To Stabilize Economy, Cut Taxes For Middle Class And Create Jobs

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after the U.S. Senate passed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008/Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008/Tax Extenders and Alternative Minimum Tax Relief Act of 2008 

“The U.S. Senate came together tonight in a bipartisan fashion to address one of the most critical economic challenges we have faced in generations.  And we have sent a clear message that we will not let this economy fail for any American.

“This is not a perfect bill by any means, but it is much improved from the Administration’s initial proposal.  It will help stabilize our economy and protect Main Street from the crisis on Wall Street.  It also cuts taxes for middle-class families and creates jobs here at home.

“The American people have a right to be frustrated with the situation we face.  But inaction is not an option – which is why we have worked expeditiously and in a bipartisan manner to stop a bad situation from getting worse.

“It is my expectation that the House of Representatives will follow suit.  We all understand that this process has not been easy, but passage of a responsible answer to this crisis is now in sight.”