Senate Democrats

Reid Statement Following Meeting With Leaders From Auto Industry

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today following a meeting with leaders of the U.S. auto companies and their workers:

“I appreciated the opportunity to meet today with the leaders of the U.S. auto companies and their workers to discuss the challenges they face and their plans to address them. “I supported aid for the auto industry in September to help it retool to build fuel-efficient vehicles that save consumers money and meet the nation’s pressing energy security needs.  I believe the Administration should exercise its existing authority to provide additional help to these firms and all parties strongly encourage the Administration to exercise that authority.  
“I indicated that Congress will also continue exploring ways to assist this important sector of our economy. Democrats and Republicans must work together with President-elect Obama to protect American workers by ensuring that our manufacturing sector, including the automakers, is strong and healthy and making innovative products that contribute to sustainable economic growth and our national security.”