Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On Automaker Industry Recovery Plans

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after the Big Three U.S. auto makers unveiled their plans for economic recovery: 

“Congress received today viability plans from the Big Three automakers and later in the week will hold hearings to examine further those proposals.  After this review and consultation with the committee chairmen, we will determine at the end of the week the best course to pursue with respect to the auto companies, including whether to move forward with legislation to provide emergency funds.  In order to be in a position to move as quickly as possible on this legislation, if that is the course decided, I intend to proceed to a shell bill on Monday that could be amended with an  emergency-aid package.”

“No decisions have been made yet,­ including whether the Senate or House will go first ­ and none will be made at least until the hearings later this week.”