Senate Democrats

Reid Statement Following Meeting With Roland Burris

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after meeting with Roland Burris:

“We just had a very positive meeting with Roland Burris.  I know that Mr. Burris wants to honorably serve the people of Illinois.  Unfortunately, he has been appointed by a man who has been tainted by a serious scandal – one that involves the very seat in question.

“In the coming days, several things must happen before this is resolved.  Mr. Burris understands the first step is that he must have a valid certification signed by both the governor and the secretary of state, as Senate rules have dictated for more than a hundred years.  Second, he will testify tomorrow before the Illinois General Assembly impeachment panel.  And finally, if there is a solution, it must be reached by the entire Senate – and I have encouraged Mr. Burris to reach out to Leader McConnell and the Republicans.

“But as we have said all along, the easiest way forward is still for Gov. Blagojevich to resign his post or be impeached, and to let the lieutenant governor make a selection to fill the vacancy.  If he selects Roland Burris, we would have no objection.”