Senate Democrats

Reid Statement on Senate Confirmation Of Solis As Secretary of Labor

Washington, DC—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after California Rep. Hilda L. Solís was confirmed by the Senate in a 80-17 vote to be U.S. Secretary of Labor:

“I am pleased that Senate has overwhelmingly to confirmed Hilda Solís as our next Secretary of Labor.  As thousands lose their jobs every day, it is important we have a strong Secretary of Labor who puts the needs of American workers first.  And as the first Hispanic woman to serve in a President’s Cabinet, she will bring a rich perspective of America and an understanding of its labor force that will serve our country well.

“Secretary Solís’s parents worked in a factory and raised seven children on blue-collar salaries.  In her impressive tenure as a Member of the House of Representatives, Secretary Solís showed vision and leadership in raising the minimum wage, and in her advocacy for training workers for the ‘green-collar’ jobs of the 21stCentury.

“I congratulate Secretary Solís on her new mission, and I look forward to working with her to promote sound polices that grow American businesses while providing for strong labor, environmental and human-rights protections.”