Senate Democrats

Reid Statement on President Obama’s FY 2010 Budget Plan

Washington,DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after President Obama released his budget blueprint for fiscal year 2010:

“We have inherited the most severe economic crises in generations.  For eight long years, the priorities in the President’s budget were not the priorities of the American people.

“President Obama and the new Democratic Congress are finally starting to dig us out of our economic hole.  The first step was passing an economic recovery package.  But there is more to do, and today’s budget outline from President Obama is a big piece of the puzzle.

“We finally have an honest budget that restores responsibility and invests in the future.  We are cutting taxes for the middle class and ending the irresponsible Bush tax giveaways to multimillionaires.

“We are also are making critical investments in our future by promoting renewable energy to end our addiction to oil, helping more Americans get to and graduate from college, and making sure more Americans can access and afford the care they need to stay healthy.  And for the first time, the President is transparently including in his budget the costs of the wars inIraq andAfghanistanrather than hiding them in later supplemental bills.

“We finally have a budget that will help us not only recover, but prosper.”