Senate Democrats

Reid: Obama Budget Will Cut Waste, Save Taxpayer Dollars

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today following the release of the Obama Administration’s FY2010 budget.  The budget aims to address 121 wasteful programs, saving American taxpayers billions of dollars:
“President Obama has reaffirmed his pledge to cut waste, end programs that do not work and ensure that Americans’ tax dollars are spent wisely.  No spending should be immune from review.  I am especially pleased that the President has committed to ending the ill-conceived program to dump dangerous, highly radioactive waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain.

“This recession is forcing families in Nevada and throughout the nation to tighten their belts and eliminate wasteful spending.  Their government should do the same.
“To ease our long-term fiscal challenges, we must start by controlling the skyrocketing health care costs that have such an enormous impact on families and our government’s budget alike.  I look forward to working on a bipartisan basis to make that happen.”