Senate Democrats

Reid: As More Americans Lose Their Jobs, We Must Redouble Our Efforts To Climb Out Of Recession

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after the Department of Labor reported that employers cut 539,000 more jobs last month and the unemployment rate jumped to nearly 9 percent:
“Today’s job-loss numbers and our rising unemployment rate reminds us that the hole we’ve inherited is deep, and our long climb back up has just begun.  The strong steps we have taken this year will ultimately anchor our recovery, but we must keep going to put middle-class families back on the path to prosperity.
“In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to strengthen our economy by getting credit flowing again, fixing our broken health care system and developing renewable energy.  In order to recover we must make sure businesses can hire more workers, families can buy that new car and parents can send their children to college.  We must make sure that Americans can get the care they need to stay healthy, get better or support their loved ones.  And, we must make sure that we develop renewable energy, create clean-energy jobs in our own backyard and end our addiction to oil.
“These are not luxuries we want to pass.  They are priorities we must pass because American families are still suffering and continue to worry about losing their jobs and their homes.  But no effort to recover can succeed unless Democrats and Republicans work together to make it happen.  Today’s report underscores the importance of bipartisan cooperation in getting our economy back on its feet.”