Senate Democrats

Reid Statement Following Bipartisan White House Meeting On Supreme Court Nomination

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after a bipartisan meeting with President Obama and Senate leaders to discuss the seat on the United States Supreme Court soon to be vacated by Justice David Souter:
“I thank the President for inviting this bipartisan group to the White House for consultation as he considers who he will nominate to the Supreme Court.  We had a good discussion and an opportunity to let the President know what we think is important in a Supreme Court nominee.
“I am confident that President Obama will nominate somebody who is well-qualified and who will faithfully apply the Constitution’s text, history and principles – without regard to their personal political views.  I know Sen. Sessions and Sen. McConnell will work with us to ensure fair and respectful hearings for the President’s nominee and prompt confirmation.”