Senate Democrats

Democratic Senators, Transportation Leaders Discuss Efforts To Strengthen Our Economy

Washington, DC— Democratic Senators Dick Durbin and Jeanne Shaheen joined Joseph Boardman, CEO of Amtrak and Edward Wytkind, President of the Transportation Trades Department at the AFL-CIO, at a press conference this morning to discuss Democrats’ efforts to strengthen our economy now and invest in our nation over the long term. 
“The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is the largest and most robust fiscal stimulus in U.S. history. Those who say this plan is a ‘flop’ and say it hasn’t helped are simply wrong,” Durbin said. “We are four months into a two year effort and we have already seen Recovery Act money used in thousands of worthwhile projects which have created or saved tens of thousands of jobs.”
Said Shaheen: “Getting our economy back on track is about creating jobs in the short term and laying the foundation for long-term economic growth. Transportation projects supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have already put over 900 people in New Hampshire back to work.  There’s much more work to do to fix our economy, but I’m pleased these projects are helping to boost local economies and spark future economic development.”
“These are exciting and historic times to be in the transportation business,” Boardman said. “Passenger rail in particular is on the verge of a renaissance and we must seize this opportunity to make smart infrastructure investments that will keep us on the right track to meet projected growth in service, ridership, and jobs.”
Said Wytkind: “In the transportation sector the economic recovery bill will create or save hundreds of thousands of jobs.  It is becoming a reality each day as the Obama Administration distributes these strategically significant investments in infrastructure. These investments have been a real shot in the arm for our members and the communities in which they live.”