Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman: Senate Republicans Are More Interested In Playing Politics As Usual Than Governing

Washington, DCSpokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Jim Manley, made the following statement today in response to Republican stalling tactics on the Department of Defense Authorization bill:
“The American people want their leaders in Congress to rise above the politics of obstruction to come together and work across the aisle to solve important issues.
“We could have had a vote on both F-22 funding and hate crimes by now, but Senate Republicans are busy stalling debate on the floor.  Because of the obstructionist tactics by Senate Republicans, we haven’t been able to discuss other important parts of this bill that would give a well deserved pay raise to our troops, expand veterans’ health care benefits and provide important upgrades to battlefield equipment among other key issues.  Blocking important votes is a strategy that is not only destined to fail, but a distraction from the real issues that the Senate needs to address.
“When critical funding for our troops hangs in the balance, they are owed more than the failed Senate Republican political strategies of the past.  The American people are fed up with politics as usual.”