Senate Democrats

Democratic Leadership, Physicians: Broken System Hinders Patient Access

Washington, DC— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senators Durbin, Schumer and Murray stood with Dr. Jim King of the American Academy of Family Physicians and Dr. Joe Stubbs of the American College of Physicians at a press conference today to discuss how health insurance reform will help improve the quality of health care. Democrats are working to pass health insurance reform because skyrocketing costs and burdensome insurance procedures reduces patients’ access to the quality care that every American deserves.
“Our health care system is chronically ill and these medical professionals standing with me today know firsthand about the inadequacies of our system,” said Senate Majority Leader Reid.  “They witness the effects every day in crowded emergency rooms where the uninsured often go for care, and they see it in far too many patients who don’t have the money to see a doctor until it’s too late.  Congress must put aside partisanship to deliver health insurance reform for America.”  
Said Senator Durbin: “These doctors are here today with one simple message: there are tremendous benefits for passing health care reform – for doctors, patients and families; and there are serious consequences for failing to act.”
"Every day, our doctors treat people who put off going to the doctor because they can’t afford health insurance,” said Senator Schumer.  “They see patients have to choose between different medicines because even with health insurance, they can’t afford both. Our doctors know what is at stake if Congress doesn’t reform our system. They understand that doing nothing is not an option and that the status quo is unsustainable.”
Said Senator Murray: “These doctors know that our health care system – even for those who like their care – is broken.  Costs are skyrocketing, businesses are dropping coverage and the system is not sustainable.  Our health care reform effort is about creating stablity for families and businesses for years to come.”
"We are too close to achieving health care reform to stop now," said Dr. King.  "If we don’t achieve a system that works for everybody, people will continue to live sicker and die younger."
“We can and should debate how best to achieve these goals, but debate must not become an excuse for delay,” said Dr. Stubbs. “My patients will experience irreparable harm if we leave it to a future Congress to pick up the pieces of our currently broken health care system.”