Senate Democrats

Reid: Travel Bill Is Welcome Relief For Domestic Tourism Industry

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to the Senate passage of the Travel Promotion Bill:

“Not only is Nevada open for business, but our country is ready to welcome and accommodate global tourists.  In these difficult economic times, the travel industry has been deeply affected and this bill will provide a much needed boost to this industry.  Tourism is a key cog for many state economies and our national economy as a whole.  More than 230,000 Nevada jobs depend on tourism and, nationally, travel and tourism generates over $1 trillion in economic activity per year.
“The Congressional Budget Office has said that this bill is estimated to create 40,000 jobs in the first year and will reduce the deficit by over $400 million.  The Travel Promotion Bill will also establish a nonprofit corporation to coordinate a travel promotion program by encouraging travel to the United States and assisting states in promoting themselves overseas.
“This legislation is a win-win-win: it will create jobs, boost local sales tax revenues and decrease the U.S. budget deficit.  For the more than 8 million American people who have jobs directly related to the travel industry, much-needed relief is on the way.”