Senate Democrats

Reid Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Washington, D.C.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today made the following statement about Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated September 15-October 15:

“This month, I join our nation’s 45 million Latinos as they celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, and I thank them for the role they have played in making our nation stronger. Their triumphs and sacrifices in the battlefield, their contribution to our economic progress, and their participation in every level of our nation’s government, have steadily added to the fabric that we call the United States. The most recent chapter of this living history was written this month as Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, took her seat on the bench.

“Their success is our nation’s success. The hardships they face affect us all. That is why celebrating Hispanics should not just be about singing their praises, but supporting their efforts to make our nation a better place. I will continue to work to provide affordable health care to workers, scholarships to students, and immigration reform to help keep families together.

“I admire the tenacity and determination that characterizes the Latino community. I salute Hispanics in Nevada and across the country, and renew my commitment to work on the issues that impact them. Congratulations this month, and every month.”