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Citizens Discuss Experiences With Broken Health Insurance System In New SDCC Video

Washington, DC— Today, the Senate Democratic Communications Center (SDCC) released video interviews with citizens discussing their troubling experiences with health insurance companies.  The video highlights conversations with citizens in which many question why Republicans prioritize insurance company profits over the health of their constituents.  One citizen featured in the video expresses his frustration toward insurance reform opposition saying, "I don’t know why the Republicans are so against it.  I don’t know who is pushing their agenda – or why."

This is a part of a series of videos detailing the inadequacies of the status quo health insurance system and why reform is necessary.  Insurance companies have taken advantage of American families for too long and Senate Democrats are on track to reform our health insurance system this year.  

“Our current health care system fails to keep insurance companies honest,” said SDCC Staff Director, Rodell Mollineau.  “The citizens featured in this video have shown firsthand how their health struggles were magnified by fighting with insurance companies that denied and revoked their coverage when it was most needed.  Democrats are working to ensure that health insurance companies are held accountable. We are closer than ever to passing meaningful reform that will lower costs, preserve choice, improve quality of care and create competition.”
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