Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman Responds To Disingenuous Attacks By Senator Cornyn Regarding ACORN

Washington, DCSpokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Rodell Mollineau, released the following statement today in response to disingenuous attacks by Senator John Cornyn. After Senator Reid graciously responded to Sen. Cornyn’s inquiry about ACORN investigations, Cornyn took the opportunity to misrepresent Senator Reid’s views on the matter and launch a partisan attack:

“Senator Cornyn’s recent assertions regarding Sen. Reid and ACORN are as disingenuous as his new found belief in oversight.

“Senator Reid has already denounced the actions of the ACORN employees.  He strongly supports the investigations reportedly already underway by the Department of Justice and other federal and state entities.  Contrary to Senator Cornyn’s misleading statement, Senator Reid is not blocking Senate committees from investigating ACORN if they deem appropriate.

“In contrast, while our troops were left with inadequate equipment and the American taxpayers were being fleeced by war contractors; and while thousands of victims of Katrina suffered loss of life, livelihood and their homes, Senator Cornyn turned a blind eye to these problems voting numerous times against investigating the causes of these events.

“Given how hard he fought to protect the Bush Administration from oversight at the expense of our troops, taxpayers and Katrina victims, it is clear that his new found interest in oversight is not real, but just another partisan ploy from the head of the Republican campaign committee.”