Senate Democrats

In SDCC Videos, Doctors And Nurses Discuss The Need For Health Insurance Reform

Washington, DC

Today the Senate Democratic Communications Center (SDCC) released three videos featuring doctors and nurses speaking out about the challenges they face with our current health insurance system.  In the videos, health care professionals discuss the long-term consequences of inaction, the need for preventive care to make sure patients are treated before they get sick, and the importance of keeping insurance companies in check so that they no longer prioritize profits ahead of patients’ need for care.

"Almost every doctor has one story of some patient they’ve seen that had to file for bankruptcy or sell a home because of their health-related expenses,” says Dr. Mandy Krauthamer, Executive Director of Doctors for America.

“Every day, our doctors and nurses see first-hand the many challenges facing our health care system,” said SDCC Staff Director, Rodell Mollineau. “As we continue to work toward meaningful reform, we look to them for guidance on the best way to fix what’s broken. These health care professionals know better than anyone that by leveling the playing field, encouraging preventive care and regulating insurers, patients will receive higher quality, more affordable care.”

Democrats stand closer than ever before to delivering real change to our broken system and pledge to lower costs, improve quality of care, create competition and preserve choice through reform.  These videos featuring the health care professionals sharing their experiences can be accessed here, where the Democratic plan for real reform of the health insurance system is also available.