Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On White House Meeting To Discuss Afghanistan

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after his White House meeting to discuss U.S. strategy in Afghanistan with the President:

“We had a very productive meeting with the President today in assessing a comprehensive strategy in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan-Pakistan border is the single most active terrorist haven in the world, and it is vital to our national security that we get this right. I am impressed by the vigorous and open discussions underway in the White House, which are drawing upon the expertise of the entire national security team, including our military commanders, Pentagon leaders, and civilian and intelligence officials. With the lives of so many service members from Nevada and across America on the line in Afghanistan, now is not the time to rush the process or force the President’s hand. 

“We are all committed to developing a sound strategy for success in Afghanistan.  There are important challenges to address regarding our involvement in Afghanistan, but things are starting to move in the right direction under President Obama’s leadership.   I am certain that the President and his national security team will develop an effective strategy that ensures safety for Americans here at home and gives our brave men and women on the battlefield in Afghanistan the best chance to succeed.”