Senate Democrats

Reid Statement On The 8th Anniversary Of The War In Afghanistan

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today to mark the 8th anniversary of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan:

“As we mark eight years of involvement in Afghanistan, the first people I think of are the thousands of military families across the country, many of them in my home state of Nevada.  I think about the heroism and bravery displayed by our troops on the battlefield and sacrifice of many young, dedicated Americans in service of our mission there.  People like Army Pfc. Kevin C. Thomson of Reno, Nevada, who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to this country this past weekend.  In addition, as we mark eight years of our efforts in Afghanistan, we also remember the nearly 3,000 Americans killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that were planned and facilitated from Afghanistan.  

“To honor and support these service members, leaders in Congress should continue to work closely with the President and his national security team to continue progress in Afghanistan. The situation in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region is tenuous.  It remains a hotbed for terrorist activity, and it is vital to our national security that we get this right.  

“I met with the President yesterday, and I am impressed with how he is drawing upon the expertise of the entire national security team, including our military commanders, Pentagon leaders, and civilian and intelligence officials to determine the best strategy going forward.  I am confident in the counsel that the President is receiving and am optimistic that we can continue some good first steps that this administration has taken toward a positive outcome in Afghanistan.”