Senate Democrats

Reid: The American People Can’t Afford Republican Objections To Extending Unemployment Benefits

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today in response to Republican objections to the extension of unemployment benefits to American families hard hit by unemployment:
“American families, many of them in my home state of Nevada, are still struggling with high unemployment. They expect their leaders in Washington to put partisanship aside in the interest of giving them much-needed relief.  Over the last two weeks, I have had extensive conversations with Chairman Baucus of the Finance Committee and Senators Reed and Shaheen to find an agreement to help workers in all states, particularly those dealing with high job loss numbers. Passage of this measure today would have made a real difference for millions of American families.  

“It is unfortunate that Senate Republicans have chosen to object to this much needed assistance. It is my hope that they will put partisanship aside and support an extension of unemployment benefits next week.”