Senate Democrats

Reid: Senate Republicans Are More Interested In Blocking Important Legislation Than Governing

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement this evening in response to Republican efforts to block passage of Commerce, Justice and Science (CJS) appropriations legislation and an extension of unemployment benefits:

“Last week, Republicans blocked a much-needed extension of unemployment benefits, and they repeated those tactics again today while managing to also stall consideration of the CJS appropriations bill.  Blocking important legislation is a tired strategy that distracts from the real issues that the Senate needs to address. 

“Today, because Republicans decided to stand in the way of progress, the Senate was unable to act on legislation that would give critical support to law enforcement officers to fight violent crime and that would help create new jobs by investing in America’s scientific infrastructure.  Every minute that Republicans spend stalling Senate business is a minute that could be spent working together to ease the burden on hardworking American families or making our country more secure.

“The situation around America is much too serious to allow partisanship to rule the day, and I encourage Senate Republicans to start showing a desire to engage in honest debate about these important issues.”