Senate Democrats

Reid: Republicans Continue Partisan Games While American Families Struggle

Washington, DCSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid released the following statement today after Senate Democrats filed cloture in their most recent efforts to extend unemployment benefits:

“Today, we took the necessary steps to ensure that American families get the relief that they desperately need.  Senate Democrats have worked diligently to exhaust every possible option to provide this critical relief to Americans who are still looking for work.  On an issue like this that should transcend party labels, we had high hopes that Senate Republicans would stand with us. But the disturbing Republican trend of stonewalling any progress continues.

“In these difficult economic times, it is inappropriate for Republicans to lean on blind partisanship and rancor as their guiding principles.  The people back in my home state of Nevada and all across the country can’t afford the games that Senate Republicans are determined to play.  Every day that Republicans delay action on this measure, 7,000 more Americans lose their unemployment benefits.”