Senate Democrats

Reid Spokesman: Opponents Of Reform Getting Mixed Signals From Their Friends In The Insurance Industry At The Same Event

Washington, DCSpokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Jim Manley, released the following statement today after the trade association for the insurance industry expressed their support for reform publicly while, behind closed doors, a top lobbyist instructed supporters of the status quo on Capitol Hill to not give “comfort to the enemy”:

“Opponents of reform have to be bewildered with two stories that we’ve seen today about the insurance industry.  At the same conference where the President of AHIP expressed support for health insurance reform, one of its top lobbyists was busy instructing Republicans on Capitol Hill to kill reform at all costs – something about not giving ‘comfort to the enemy.’

“Senate Democrats are still trying to figure out who the enemy is.  Is it the tens of millions of Americans without quality, affordable health insurance?  This sounds like the right hand doesn’t know what the far right hand is doing.”